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Owner Straight Worm Wide Gap Hooks Owner Offset Worm Wide Gap Owner Wide Gap Plus Hooks Size 5/0
  • 5 pack
  • Size
    • 4/0

These Owner Straight Shank Wide Gap Worm Hooks are perfect for flipping and pitching large plastic baits and setting the hook on big bass. The Straight Shank Worm Hook features a round bend, Cutting Point, two bait-holder slices on the inside of the straight shank to firmly secure baits and a durable black chrome finish.
  • 5 pack
  • Sizes
    • 3/0
    • 4/0
    • 5/0

These offset worm hooks feature the renowned Cutting Point exclusive to Owner hooks. These hooks feature a corrosion resistant black chrome finish and strong, heavy wire and a large radius wide gap. The secret is that this hook has an ultra-sharp point like other premium hooks but once the point penetrates, even hard cartilage and bone, the cutting edges actually make the hook push in past the barb easier, meaning less force is required to securely hook your bass.
With its deep throat and dramatically elevated point the Wide Gap Plus offers an extraordinarily wide gap for extra hooking power. Unlike other "wide gap" hooks, where the point is directly in line with the eye, this point rides above the eye level, providing an extra wide gap "plus" for a more positive and effective hook set. Features a XXX-strong forged shank, a bait-holding Z-Lock shoulder bend, Cutting Point and black chrome finish.